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Perhaps you are looking for the private place to do your workouts or have an injury, recurring arches & pains which are holding you back. We`re not a cult and we don’t do gimmicks or quick-fixes but providing the foundations of healthfulness, corrective exercises with kick-ass workouts.

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We work with the young, the not-so-young and everyone in between. People after surgeries, athletes, moms after giving birth but still experiencing lower back pain and abdominal discomfort. Using several cutting-edge, integrated therapeutic and movement approaches, including NeuroKinetic Therapy (NKT), The Biomechanic Method. Everyone is treated individually in our private location. The most important rule is to work with your brain and body … and not against it! or + 420 777 408 812

fitness recovery in Prague

So... how does it work

It’s simple

Contact me on + 420 777 408 812 or via email and we schedule a taster session

On our agreed time we meet in my private location. You don’t have to worry about meeting another people. On your booked time it is only you and me present. If you are experiencing any pain, I will look for a cue from your medical history, injuries, lifestyle habits etc. …

Of course, I will make you to perform some simple exercises/muscle tests so I can determine what muscles are working correctly, which of them are weak or not active at all … Remember the main task here is to find the cause of your problem and not treat only the symptoms …

When you like what you have just experienced, we will make a plan what to do and how. If something is not understandable its simple, just ask …

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